Trap News: The Farce Awakens

History has shown us that voting on elections accomplishes next to nothing, and that real lasting revolutionary change is won through hard work, by real people self organizing, and not by elected politicians. Yet every four years, the spectacle of the Democrats VS Republicans entices millions and makes them forget these proven facts. Trap News is our friendly (and funny, we hope) reminder of this.

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This was a collaboration between and Denver based MC, SOLE (
The beats were provided by the one and only DJ Pain 1 (
Obama was played by Brer Rabbit of Flobots (
Alas ( was kind enough to take a break from her land defense work of stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline, to give us a few dope rhymes.
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Pat Boyle shot the video and Yasamin Holland did the make up and styling.

Extra special thanks to Hugo and Giordano from Juice Rap News for providing the inspiration on this one.