平息紛爭的方法只有香港特別行政區行政長官 林鄭月娥回應正視及實行五大訴求,

“United we stand, together we hope.”

1. 徹底撤回逃犯條例
2. 撤回612暴動定性
3. 必不追究反送中抗爭者
4. 成立獨立委員會,徹查警方濫權濫暴
5. 全面落實雙真普選

Since June 2019, Hong Kong started a series of demonstrations against the “EXTRADITION BILL” which terribly influence “One country, two systems”. After 2 months of continuous protests, Hong Kong government still not respond to any of citizens five demands. Instead, they start to use excessive violence and wish to end all of it by an irrational way.

It has been more than 2 months until now, Hong Kong’s people still not receive any response from their government but they got the attention and support from the global.

Protest will not been end itself. It will only be end until “Carrie Lam – the Chief Executive of HKSAR” respond to citizens FIVE DEMANDS and those must be fulfill.

“United we stand, together we hope.”
Hong Kong people you will never be alone.

Five Demands:

1. Withdrawal of Controversial Extradition Bill
2. Renunciation of the characterization of the Jun 12 protests as “riots”
3. Unconditional release of the all arrested protestors without the threat of future prosecution
4. Appointment of an independent commission to inquire into the excessive violence used by the police in the protests
5. Universal suffrage to elect a truly democratic government