Dailies from the USA

Selected for Courts Critiques 10 in Montreal.

This is a document of an afternoon recorded in Skid Row.

DISCLAIMER: This film is shot with the permission and blessings of the inhabitants of these shelters. It is not possible or safe to record in certain parts of Skid Row, and when shooting film or demonstrating in this area realize that you are entering someone’s home. This film does not show even 1% of the full homelessness crisis in Los Angeles, and this does not come close to representing the worst areas of Skid Row. Please reach out to the Monday Night Mission, Pasadena Church of the Nazarene’s Skid Row chapter headed by Asst. Pastor Gary Carr, and HOPICS – LA’s Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System to see how you can help. There are other organizations that provide tents and warm meals as well. Even buying water at the dollar store and dropping it off, or organizing charitable drop offs with your job are great ways to help out a few people. In LA HOPICS is a service funded by the LA County government that helps the most in need find regular care. They have air-conditioned facilities for those in need of shelter from the heat, so if you see a homeless man or woman who seems in serious need of medical attention, contact the city of LA or HOPICS directly.

http://lacentralcity.org – Skid Row Chapter of PasNaz